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Holistic Healing in Hampshire

At I offer holistic healing for individuals or small groups, in the safe relaxed environment of my dedicated healing studio in New Milton or alternatively at your home.

Holistic Healing can be used to help improve any aspect of your life, be it physical, psychological or spiritual. It helps me lead my life the way I want to, to be the best person I can be, the best version of myself. 

So if you want to improve your life, relax or just enjoy something fun and new, give it a try.

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Why did I get into Holistic healing? 

After suffering for years with severe stress and anxiety related problems, I became determined to find something to help, that was when I discovered Reiki and Mindfulness. They worked so well for me that I  decided to learn Reiki, Mindfulness and other holistic therapies, to try their benefits for myself and to adapt what worked for me into my healing sessions.

Call or Text to discuss your perfect Holistic Healing session on 07810 392911

Holistic Healing Therapies

All based from my Garden Studio in New Milton, Hampshire. 

Open Monday to Saturday 9am to 9pm.

My healing sessions last for  60-90 minutes costing £30.

Choose one or more options from the list below.

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Reiki is one of the most enjoyable and relaxing things I have ever done. A hands on healing therapy performed on a comfy therapy bed with blankets and cushions, all performed to the clients requirements.


Mindfulness Coaching allows you to learn techniques for self healing, personal development and improving all aspects of your life. I provide private and confidential one to one coaching.

Sound Healing/Bathing

I offer a range of sound healing and sound bathing therapies, you will relax on a therapy bed or sit in a relaxing chair with blankets and cushions for comfort. I use Singing bowls, chakra chimes, tuning forks, rain/thunder makers, gongs and other instruments.


I use a large range of chakra based scents during a healing session or I can guide you through creating a healing room spray for you to take home after your session. Whether you want to relax or be invigorated, scent is a powerful therapy.

Guided Meditation

During this session I can teach you techniques to aid sleep, relaxation, self meditation and more. I can also talk you through a guided meditation created to your own requirements to help you achieve your goals.

Crystal Healing

During this relaxing and meditative session, crystals are place on or around the body to aid healing. I also create bespoke healing necklaces, bracelets and charms to keep after your session.

Grounding Therapy

This session, performed outdoors, is a chance to feel the grass, soil or sand beneath your feet. You will be talked through a guided meditation while being grounded, standing, seated or lying down as required.

Hug Therapy

This session is all about love healing using a combination of Mindfulness, Reiki and Hugging. This is a wonderful session for anyone, but particularly if you are struggling with emotional issues or loneliness.

Oracle Card Readings

I offer Oracle Card Readings to help aid in your spiritual journey, or help you to improve your connection to spirit and nature. Oracle card readings are also a great way to look into your own subconscious.

Group Sessions (2-6)

I offer a selection of sessions suitable for small groups of 2-6 people. These are mostly held in my studio or garden meditation areas or in some situations they can be held at your home. Contact me or click the image above to find out more.

Mini Retreat / Spa Day

For those who need a bit more time and pampering, why not come and spend the day with me, having a range of relaxing treatments of your choice as well as healthy snacks, drinks and lunch. Available for individuals or couples.

Couples Reiki

If your looking to improve your spiritual connection to your partner or enjoy sharing the beautiful relaxing experience of reiki healing with a special friend. Learn how to connect better, share your love Mindfully, then this is the session for you.

Reiki at Yours

For those who want to experience the benefits of reiki or the other healing therapies I offer but are unable to visit my healing studio, I offer a home visit service for a small extra charge. This is available to those living in East Dorset or West Hampshire. Please contact me to discuss your requirements. 

Reiki For Free/Exchange

The goal of every Reiki practitioner is to provide loving healing to those who need it. If you are unable to afford a session, then why not contact me for a free session or for an exchange of goods or services. I offer one free session every week and it will be my pleasure to introduce you to the benefits of Reiki.

Mindful Walking

If your struggling to clear your anxious mind, why not come for a mindful walk in the New Forest. I take walks with Individuals, couples or small groups of up to 6 people. I will teach you how to clear your mind during a relaxing 1 hour walk.

Keeping Safe...

To help keep you safe, I only see One or Two clients per day. Hand sanitiser is used during all treatments and I will wear a face mask during close up work as required. Surfaces are cleaned, blankets and cushion covers are changed for each client, but clients may bring their own if preferred. Contact me for more details.

My Reiki Lineage...

My personal reiki lineage, traced all the way back to its founder Dr Mikao Usui.


Its always nice to see what others think before trying it for yourself. Click the image above to go to my review page.

Contact Me...

Visit my contact page for various ways to get in touch.

 Call or Text 07810 392911.

18 Fir Avenue, New Milton, Hants, BH25 6EU


A collection of videos about my sessions and Holistic Healing in general.

Gift Cards...

Why not treat yourself or a friend to a treatment in the form of a gift card. Gift cards are £30 each or reduced price for two or more. These gift cards are for a session of the users choice. you will receive the physical gift card as well as a leaflet of treatment options.

And More...

As part of any session I will discuss and offer combinations of all the therapies mentioned here and more. Click on an image here to find out more about a particular therapy or see the treatments page for more details. Get in touch to book your perfect Holistic Healing session.

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