About Me

Hi, my name is Merlin.

I was born in Hampshire, in the south of England and have lived in and around the New Forest all my life. After finishing college and further education I went into the IT industry, where I remained for about 18 years. My life had many difficulties as we all do, loosing friends and family members to illness and accidents. I led a fairly sheltered life for the most part, choosing to maintain my own calm connections with the world. This was fine until the world forced itself upon me and I struggled to come to terms with interacting with other people who were less calm. This led me to develop anxiety and stress to the degree that I became physically ill and mentally exhausted. I followed the usual route of doctors visits, therapists and counsellors and although it help reduce the effect it never really resolved the issues. I eventually continued my life journey taking more and more time relaxing off work to cope. Eventually I reached the point where I couldn’t bear to live with the issues any more and decided to do something about it. 


I was lucky enough to meet someone who recommended I try Reiki and although I was quite sceptical I eventually gave it a try. It proved to be exactly what I needed, a connection back to the real me. It connected my spirit back to being in control of my life and my body, instead of the zombie like existence I had been living before, relying on my subconscious to operate my life for me. It was like waking up from a daze. Being awake allowed me to truly see how I was thinking and acting and examine the reasons why. I began to look mindfully at my existence and the choices I was making. I decided to go back into counselling to address some psychological issues and began learning mindfulness. After a while the mindfulness took over from the counselling and I continued on a path of self discovery. The combination of Reiki, having the effect of drawing me back into myself, feeling calm, happy and loved, and Mindfulness, helping me to see myself and the world around me, living in the present moment, removing judgement while developing love and compassion, where transformational. They have been so great in helping me return to being in control of my life, that I decided to learn them to help others. I started a journey exploring all the different holistic therapies I was drawn to, learning aspects that work for me and tie in to helping those who cross my path.


We are all students of life and our choice is a simple one, be open to learn or not. You don’t need to know everything or be perfect at anything, the important thing is to try, learning and experiencing at your own pace, in the direction that is right for you. Embrace your life with love and live it.

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