Hug Therapy

What is Hug Therapy?

Everybody loves being hugged, and it’s not just because of the warm feeling, you get from a good hug. It goes deeper than this to your hormonal level. Hug therapy affects your entire body to an extent scientists claim is comparable to the effects of some drugs. Even the most trivial instance of touch can help you deal with one or more emotional issues to help you see clearly and deal with life from a point of strength.

Hug therapy or hugging therapy, uses hugging to provide emotional comfort and healing. Research  shows that hugging can be an effective way of treating stress, depression, anxiety, loneliness and certain medical conditions.  The benefits of hugging come from the power of touch. As humans, we crave interaction with other humans. From the comfort of being held in the womb to being held by parents as a baby, the need to be touched and held doesn’t go away as an adult. In fact, our desire to be touched and hugged even increases as we’re older because we don’t typically get it on a daily basis.

Combined with Mindfulness and Reiki, Hug therapy can provide even stronger healing.

After agreeing the intention and boundaries of the hug therapy, we will begin a series of hugs using Reiki, Aromatherapy or Mindfulness coaching as desired. This truly is a wonderful life altering session but for those who need to get into being so open slowly, a simple hug can be added to any of my sessions.


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