What is Massage?

I only offer massage for relaxation and pleasure (no sexual services). Some of my clients enjoy basic massage especially when combined with Reiki or reflexology. Its always very gratifying when clients come back again and again for treatments and give comments like "I never realised I could be so relaxed!".

I started learning a range of massage techniques in 2022 and I am still learning, but if you are happy to be practiced on and would like to incorporate massage into your session let me know. A 90 minute session can contain a maximum of about 60 minutes of massage.

I have Diplomas in Indian Head Massage, Aromatherapy Massage and Massage Therapy, however, i am not ITEC trained, but I am happy to perform basic massage as part of my sessions. If you need therapeutic/sports massage I can recommend an ITEC trained Sports Massage Therapist.

I use Coconut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil or a lotion for massage.

I provide a body map routine guide to allow you to tailor your massage to the areas you want to work on, ensuring you are comfortable and in control of the session at all times. 


Massage Options :-

1) Hand Massage using specific healing oils and reflexology to heal or relax. This gentle massage is for the hands and wrists.

2) Foot Massage using specific healing oils and reflexology to heal or relax. This gentle massage is for the feet and ankles.

3) Part body Massage. Choose areas like Head/scalp, neck, face, arms, shoulders, upper chest,  Abdomen,  back, Hands, Legs and Feet etc for a specific massage focussed on specific areas with essential oils chosen for the healing you require.

4) Full Body Massage. A long massage lasting approximately 60 minutes, using different oil blends for different areas as required. Includes Head/scalp, neck, face, arms, shoulders, upper chest, Abdomen,  back, Hands, Legs and Feet with options to remove areas you are not comfortable with. There is a £10 surcharge for full body massage.

5) Reiki Massage 

Combining Reiki with your massage feels amazing. This can be performed intuitively or via a pre-chosen discussed routine to provide specific or general healing and relaxation.

6) Aromatherapy Massage

Spend time choosing bespoke healing oils to mix with a carrier oil chosen by you to open/connect or heal each chakra. We will work out a part or full body routine to suit you. It really is Scentsational!

7) Reflexology Massage

After choosing your preferred massage routine (Including at least hands, feet, head or neck for associated reflex or mama points) I will perform the massage routine with interspersed Reflexology healing, for a relaxing and healing experience.

8) Healing Massage

During this session I will follow your pre-defined massage routine with intuitively chosen Reiki healing, Reflexology, Mindfulness, Sound Healing, Crystal healing and more as required to give your perfect healing session.


Contact me to discuss your perfect session or arrange an appointment.