Grounding Therapy

What is Grounding Therapy?

Psychological Grounding is used to describe techniques which are used to bring a person back in contact with the present moment. 

Sensory Grounding, stimulation like smells, touch and textures, are used with grounding statements.

Spiritual Grounding, is about reconnecting with the Earth.

Grounding Therapy uses all these to ground your attention in the present moment and help you to become one with nature and the world around you.

These session can be performed indoors but the best results are always from being physically connect to the earth. Whether you want to be barefoot on the grass or have your feet buried in the soil, I can create a perfect grounding experience to physically ground your energy field while using aromatherapy touch or guided meditation to help ground you psychologically.

After Reiki,I  found this to be one of the most powerful ways to heal myself out of negative thought patterns and a great way to calm an anxious mind.


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